Self Defence

As well as the traditional stances and techniques that are utilised in the sport of Tae-Kwon-do, students will be taught self defence methods and techniques that are designed to be more appropriate in a realistic situation. It is not always appropriate or possible (due to location, clothes worn etc…) to use techniques like high spinning kicks in a real life setting.
The self defence techniques are designed to teach students methods to quickly incapacitate and take control of an attacker whilst being aware of the confinements or limitations of their surroundings. These are the techniques often referred to in other disciplines as ‘Street fighting’.


Destruction gives students the opportunity to demonstrate total mastery of their techniques by breaking various items such as wooden boards, bricks and tiles using their bare hands and feet. Destruction techniques or ‘breaktests’ are a compulsory element of the more advanced gradings.

Sport Taekwondo

For members wishing to pursue competitive sparring there is a active competition session that offers opportunities for first timers to experienced players.
TCTKD attends competitions with a selction of team made up of players from our club.


General Exercise

As well as the four main disciplines above, students will be required to take part in general strength, flexibility and stamina exercises.

Lessons are conducted in a very disciplined manner from the outset. Students are expected to maintain focus, to listen and to obey their instructors at all times. There will be absolutely no tolerance of bad or unruly behaviour which will be dealt with in a highly disciplined manner. Students (and parents of junior students) should be aware that instructors raising their voice is more the norm than the exception in an average training session – be prepared!

General Taekwondo

Our classes are mixed and open to children and adults, men and women, beginners and experinced.
We have our white belts training along our experinced black belts to encourage all students to aspire to follow the Taekwondo journey to also becoming a black belt in the future.

Taekwondo Toucans

The Toucans classes are fun, whilst learning some basic Taekwondo. The lessons are structured to aid development of co-ordination, memory, balance, teamwork, respect and confridence.

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